Bedcolab and CiF Lab Solutions Strategic Alliance

News Release : February 21, 2018

Bedcolab a Montreal, Quebec, Canada based manufacturer of Tier One Metal Casework, flexible / adaptable laboratory table systems and chemical containment fume hood solutions, along with CiF Lab Solutions LP of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, manufacturer of Tier One Wood Casework Solutions, are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic alliance.

The combined resources of the companies provide the laboratory market with a complete solution that is built upon the principals of being “best-in-class” and value. Through our common distribution network, this collaboration will provide a unique opportunity to deliver joint solutions to customers within the laboratory, college and university segments. We will be able to combine the very best products and services of our two premier organizations. Whether it is a teaching, research & development, pharmaceutical or clinical laboratory environment, we can deliver on industry leading innovation, flexibility, energy management, Tier One aesthetics and safety.

“By strategically aligning our brands, our organizations will bring the highest level of quality and innovation to customers in various laboratory environments”, says Bert Bowden, Chief Executive Officer of CiF Lab Solutions. “Bedcolab is a house-hold name amongst lab planners and major architectural firms that serve the laboratory interior fit out for our countries’ most prestigious institutions; and we are pleased to deliver brand-unity and a strong value proposition to them and their clients”. Bowden went on to say, “Our attention to detail, strong support of our customer’s project schedules and customer centric cultures are common to both organizations.”

Colorado State University, Biological Sciences. This project was completed with Bedcolab Symphony tables and CiF premium Tier One wood casework.

“We greatly value our relationship with CiF. They are widely recognized as one of the premier manufacturers of Tier One wood casework products in our industry. Bedcolab has been able to see the fruits of having our products seamlessly integrated; providing tremendous results for various laboratory projects and customers”, said Ron Bedard, President of Bedcolab.“Through our common distribution channels covering both the US and Canadian markets, Bedcolab and CiF are represented by some of the best-in-class dealer organizations, who share our vision and commitment to the industry.”

Our organizations have completed work in partnership for clients such as Corning Inc., University of Texas, Colorado State University, University of Colorado, Cornell University, University of Cincinnati, Oregon Health Science University, Bradley University, Utah State University, University of Arizona, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, University of Massachusetts, MCLA Life Sciences and BYU.

“Quality solutions and strong project performance are what’s needed to support the designer, the construction community and most importantly to get the owner in their space, doing what they do best,” said CiF Lab Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer Bert Bowden. “Both CiF and Bedcolab share this vision and we will hold each other accountable to that end. We will work together to continue to turn our customers into valued clients.”

University of Cincinnati Rieveschl Hall. This project features CiF Lab Solutions premium Tier One wood casework and Bedcolab Symphony style tables and Vanguard fume hoods.

The strategic alliance between Bedcolab and CiF Lab Solutions provides a unique opportunity for strong dealer organizations like Alliance Scientific, Dow Diversified, Haldeman Homme, Northeast Interior Systems and Stonecreek Interior Systems. This collaboration of respected manufacturers and dealer organizations will deliver product and project management services that will be difficult to match.

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