About us


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the laboratory furniture and fume hood supplier of choice by producing high quality, sustainable products and designs as well as offering customers and industry professionals our unwavering dedication towards the success of their laboratory projects.


Bedco was founded in 1967 and specialized in contract manufacturing of metal components for OEM’s. In 1976 with the purchase of the metal division of Art Laboratory Products came the creation of Bedcolab. Over the next few years, the company improved and expanded its product offering, selling its metal laboratory casework and fume hoods to Hospitals, Research Centers, Pharmaceutical Companies and Universities throughout Canada. Today, Bedcolab is a leading manufacturer of laboratory casework systems, fume hoods and stainless steel furniture servicing the needs of the research community throughout the world.


Green by design

Bedcolab is fully committed to providing sustainable, environmentally friendly products and designs for our client’s laboratory facilities. Whether it is our Forte casework, any of our Adaptable Furniture Systems, or our Vanguard lab fume hoods, each has been designed with long-term adaptability and  sustainability in mind. We strongly believe in the inherent beneficial characteristics of metal in building laboratory furniture.


Forte Metal casework

Steel is the material of choice for a lab environment because…

  • Steel is an abundantly available natural resource.
  • Steel offers superior physical and chemical resistance properties
  • Steel cabinets offer a longer life cycle than Wood or Plastic laminate casework.
  • No glues or other bonding agents required

The 3R’s of Forte metal casework

  • Re-Use: Our cabinets are designed to allow easy door and drawer re-configuration favoring the “re-use” principle.
  • Refurbish: Metal cabinets can easily be re-painted to extend their product life cycle.
  • Recycle: The product is a highly recyclable material.

Adaptable furniture System

Bedcolab offers various lines of adaptable furniture systems, each designed to provide varying levels of flexibility in the research environment. From convenient left to right cabinet re-location on a bench to our patented Symphony ll bench system which allows for a complete “over-night lab re-configurations” our adaptable systems offer the adjustability and the flexibility to adapt to the changing vocation of the lab space and ensure years of reliable service.


Vanguard Fume hoods

We have designed an environmentally responsible lab fume hood line that reduces energy consumption and HVAC infrastructure costs by operating at lower face velocities without having to resort to additional mechanized baffles of motorized fan systems. In addition, our innovative design maintains a standard 32 3/4″ outside depth so there is no need to compromise valuable floor space or build additional square footage that increase construction costs.



All our laboratory fume hoods are tested in our in-house facility using the ASHRAE-110 Method of Testing and meet or exceed all recognized industry norms and regulations. In addition, all our hood are tested and certified to UL and CSA standards. All our specialty cabinets and tables integrating electrical components are also certified to UL and CSA standards.


SEFA member

Bedcolab has been a proud member of the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association since l997. We were active participants in the development of the SEFA 1 and SEFA 8 standards that are now recognized as benchmarks in the industry. All Bedcolab’s products including all laboratory fume hoods, cabinets, tables and casework systems are designed to conform or exceed to the requirements of all SEFA Recommended Practices.