Tier One Lab Environments

Tier One Lab Environments

Shared Values. Strong Reputations. Seamless Products.

Bedcolab’s reasoning for joining the Tier One alliance was simple – we were looking to align ourselves with partner organizations who have a great reputation, strong industry relationships, complementary products and common core values. Bedcolab’s robust offering of fume hoods, table systems and metal casework products and CiF’s premium wood casework seamlessly integrate with one another, providing laboratories with a complete interior buildout solution.

Our shared North American dealer distribution network consists of: Alliance Scientific, Dow Diversified, Haldeman Homme, Northeast Interior Systems and Stonecreek Interior Systems. This network provides a unique opportunity for our projects to be professionally managed and installed, allowing Bedcolab and CiF to focus on what we do best, design and engineer our products to provide the very best in terms of quality, sustainability and adaptability.

Bedcolab shares the same Tier One commitment, to provide the higher education and laboratory markets with interior solutions that maximize space, efficiency and flexibility, allowing owners to focus on what they do best – contribute toward education, scientific advancements, and breakthroughs.

What Tier One Provides

Premium Laboratory Products

Bedcolab and CiF Lab Solutions are recognized as industry leaders for the quality and sustainability of our products. Our casework, flexible table systems and fume hoods are designed and engineered to provide the very best in terms of durability, adaptability and safety.

Tier One Products:

  • Adaptable Table Systems
  • Wood and Metal Casework
  • High-Performance Fume Hoods
  • Custom Fume Hoods
  • Cantilever Carts & Systems
  • Miscellaneous Fixtures & Accessories

Premium Construction Services

The successful installation of a Tier One laboratory environment means paying attention to details. We ensure all critical aspects are addressed from early design throughout the construction process.

What Tier One Provides:

  • Innovative Design Assistance
  • Pre-Construction Budgeting
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Management Best Practices
  • Mindful Trade Coordination
  • Safety First
  • Logistics Accuracy
  • Respect of Construction Schedules
  • Professionally Executed Installation
  • Post-Installation Testing & Maintenance Services

Premium Distribution Partners

  • Alliance Scientific
  • Bedcolab
  • CIF Solutions
  • DOW Diversified
  • Heldeman Homme
  • NEIS
  • Stonecreek